UPDATE on Kiss of Quicksilver! – I’ve chosen a narrator! If you’ve read the story and formed a picture of the point of view character in your mind – trust me – your mind is probably going to flip. Mine did when I listened to this narrator’s audition, then I said wow. We have a contract but I’m waiting to hear what they call the “first fifteen minutes” which is a larger sample that I listen to then agree that, yes, we can do this! That’s due July 20th. I’m so excited!


KISS OF QUICKSILVER: a short horror story – is being re-released with a new cover, check it out! KISS OF QUICKSILVER is up for pre-order and available again on July 8th – and now an audio is also in the works. I’ll keep you informed. Take a look at the new cover, design by Kevin Candela.

Evil rules the mean streets in many guises, waiting in the shadows along the crumbled edges of the mega-cities, where murder is the only crime that leaves a trace for lesser violent acts are simply not reported. Children, the elderly, the slightly and severely damaged make up the homeless. The weak and the helpless are deemed beyond salvation and beneath contempt by all but the strongest and the cruelest who see them as a source of sustenance.