“Even when you’re dead you shouldn’t lie down and let yourself be buried” ~ Gordon Lee

5 stars! HorrortasticGreat collection of shockers! An easy read. A must for horror fans.” – from the UK.

5 stars! Kept me up at night! Well put together anthology of truly spooky stories! Great talent in this collection.” – the US agrees!

When They Came for You is a collection of short, suspenseful horror stories guaranteed to make you sleep with your back against the headboard and the candle burning until dawn-in case they should choose to come for you.

The first story in the book, Abduction, by Dan Allen, sets a tone of tension and terror that will remain with you throughout.

I must confess to having two stories in the anthology: Telling the Bees is a gentle nod to Psycho, apologies to Alfred Hitchcock. The second, Can you Not Smell Them, is a homage to an older woman I met in a bar in Seattle; I’ll leave you to guess where the truth ends and the fiction begins:

There are twenty-six stories in this devilishly delightful anthology from Gravestone Press.

Pick up your copy today:

Amazon.com: When They Came For You eBook : Davies, Dorothy: Books

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