“A Perfect Memory: A short horror story” REVIEWS!

Here’s what a few listeners are saying about the new audible book “A Perfect Memory” by Dona Fox, narrated by Susan Marlowe – also available as an eBook on Amazon. [Links at the bottom of this page.] 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Perfect recipe for horror Mix together an underfunded psychiatric hospital, a secret government project, and a hulking,… Read More

Are you missing out?

Fill your trick or treat bag with these creepy short reads (or audios) – have you collected all six? __ Crawl Space  eBook   audible __ Shypoke  eBook  audible __ Kiss of Quicksilver  eBook  audible __ The Girl With Atypical Eyes  eBook  audible __ Blue Lights, Bitter Roots  eBook  audible __ All the Children on… Read More

Interview – Freddy Moyano – narrator, Kiss of Quicksilver, a short horror story

Today I’m interviewing Freddy Moyano the narrator of my recent Audible release Kiss of Quicksilver; a short horror story. Freddy Moyano is an actor, producer, and entrepreneur, known for his appearances in Chicago and Los Angeles, working in television shows and feature films. He is also known for his published audiobooks on Amazon, Audible, and… Read More

So much is going on!

Here’s the link to purchase the Audible version of Crawl Space: Purchase Crawl Space Short Reads On Kindle – Shypoke proved very popular on Kindle so I hopped on in with both feet —  Kiss of Quicksilver, Crawl Space, and now The Girl with Atypical Eyes have all been released in eBook. The Girl with Atypical… Read More

Update – Kiss of Quicksilver!

UPDATE on Kiss of Quicksilver! – I’ve chosen a narrator! If you’ve read the story and formed a picture of the point of view character in your mind – trust me – your mind is probably going to flip. Mine did when I listened to this narrator’s audition, then I said wow. We have a… Read More

Update – Crawl Space – New Release!

Update – Crawl Space came out July 13th in ebook and the audiobook has been submitted to audible for approval which, I understand, can take a couple of weeks or so. I fell in love with this narrator’s voice the moment I heard the first words of the audition. When I heard the character’s voices I was… Read More

Update – Shypoke Reviews

UPDATE – Shypoke Audible Audiobook – Dona Fox (Author), Jack de Golia (Narrator) UPDATE: With twelve ratings on audible.com Shypoke is holding strong at 4.5 — here’s some snippets from the reviews:  Spooky Great creepy quick listen. That thing under the bridge will haunt my nightmares For sometime Excellent, vivid , creepy, surprising. The narrator’s… Read More