Here’s the link to purchase the Audible version of Crawl Space: Purchase Crawl Space

Short Reads On Kindle – Shypoke proved very popular on Kindle so I hopped on in with both feet —  Kiss of Quicksilver, Crawl Space, and now The Girl with Atypical Eyes have all been released in eBook. The Girl with Atypical Eyes has never been published before and, frankly, it’s just a little racy.

Quick Listens on Audible – Shypoke was even more popular on Audible so I stayed in that arena too. I found Caroline Downs in North Carolina and I fell in love with her voice. She narrated Crawl Space–and she made it even spookier than it was–now we’re just waiting for Audible to punch our go-card.

Freddy Moyano took a break from his acting career to narrate, or should I say perform, Kiss of Quicksilver and the Audible release should be next week (I’m just guessing/hoping). If Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” rocked you (especially Vincent Price’s segment), you’re going to love Freddy’s interpretation of Kiss of Quicksilver. I was blown away. I smile every time I think about it.

And last, but not least, the search for a narrator for The Girl with Atypical Eyes has begun! This one is just a teensy bit longer.

Well, and last, last, and last … I’m trying to finish two stories I drafted last week and the fantastic book by Kevin Candela, Little Women with Big Guns – not at all what it sounds like from the title. You see the Little Women part is because the main characters are kind of named after the Little Women from the book of the same title (not meant to demean, they are strong, independent women) and they have to have big guns (actual guns) to fight the “visitors” who are coming in through the portal inadvertently opened by the Blue Gate Corporation–and Kevin Candela is a genius (I’m following in both the eBook and the Audible) and the book is adventurous and entertaining and long and when I finish it I will write a review but I’m not going to rush through just to get to the review, I’m savoring it, thank you.