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Fresh Fear edited by William Cook

Fresh Fear, the smell of quick and sudden sweat inspired by the passion of the hunter, the fresh fear underlying the excitement, the smell that alerts you to incipient danger. You may struggle to break free but the pen strokes slash across the page before your eyes, creating a trap for your imagination. Which way… Read More

The Raven’s Daughter by Peggy A. Wheeler

I was thrilled to discover this book, this book that, like its main character, defies you to limit it with one label. It is a great thriller, yet it is also magical, fantastical, paranormal, mysterious, suspenseful, and poetic, with all the elements that I look for in a book and so much more. The Raven’s… Read More

Car Nex: Skin Job

I just finished Car Nex: Skin Job. Michael Thomas-Knight has mad writing skills and he breaks out all of them in this Car Nex tale. The tension builds and explodes in a wild crescendo in the “hero” vs. monster scene. Yes, I said hero. Looking back, how did the author make me call this man… Read More