Update – Crawl Space came out July 13th in ebook and the audiobook has been submitted to audible for approval which, I understand, can take a couple of weeks or so. I fell in love with this narrator’s voice the moment I heard the first words of the audition. When I heard the character’s voices I was delighted! I can’t wait for you to hear it and fall in love too!


CRAWL SPACE: a short horror story – is available for pre-order now. This one won’t be out until July 13th. There will be an audio that will give you nightmares – I’ll warn you when it’s on the loose. The chilling cover was designed by Mar Garcia Amorena find her online at theboldmom.com  

Claustrophobic, disturbing, and creepy. A lost girl is kidnapped and held for years by a dangerous man. Her doll takes the brunt of his abuse in place of the girl. Then the man is killed in a bloody and brutal attack. Now she must protect her own child from the jealous, intrusive, and sometimes vicious toy. Who will survive when they enter the crawl space under the house? Quiet horror that punches all the buttons.