UPDATE – Shypoke Audible Audiobook Dona Fox (Author), Jack de Golia (Narrator)

UPDATE: With twelve ratings on audible.com Shypoke is holding strong at 4.5 — here’s some snippets from the reviews: 

Spooky Great creepy quick listen. That thing under the bridge will haunt my nightmares For sometime

Excellent, vivid , creepy, surprising. The narrator’s voice was a perfect fit for the uncle. Excellent writing, excellent narration.

A Hauntingly Creepy Story
Right from the first few minutes, there is something very creepy and haunting about this story. And the writing was beautiful in a sometimes ghastly way. … The narrator was also great. He helped add to an already disturbing story. Nice voice range, dripping in character.

Eerie, macabre and entertaining! Dona Fox delivers all the scary elements necessary for an engaging horror short story, then found a talent in Jack de Golia worthy to perform it. Kudos!

Scary!! The narrator does a brilliant job with both characters and could easily listen to more from him! What a good short story; it’s verging on terrifying ….

Deliciously Dark …. Slowly the horror of recent events unfolds tingling the listeners nerves. Beautifully narrated by Jack de Golia.

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Frank’s back on the bridge, dodging sprawling vines as thick as his secrets, crushing the dark fruit beneath his soles as he flees. He must catch the train. Her voice traps him. The child he cannot ignore. “I watched you, Uncle Frank. I saw what you did.” He can hear the train’s whistle. She clings to him, holding him tight as the horror approaches….


 5 out of 5 stars Like a macabre Groundhog Day” this tale from Dona Fox …

June 15, 2018 – Format: Kindle Edition

Like a macabre “Groundhog Day” this tale from Dona Fox starts out, as do most of her stories, in a relatively normal setting.. In fact, you forget that this is a horror story. But at a certain point, each sentence starts to pull you further into the tale,, word by word, until you realize that there is something really wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it. And then, there you are. You never saw it coming. From the normal to the supernatural, Dona Fox always delivers.


Shypoke audible