Bone Canyon by Lee Goldberg is a great detective drama with a unique central character in the young, inexperienced, but clever Eve Ronin, who is thrown into the fire, in more ways than one, when bones are found after a wildfire in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Eve is assigned a cold case and a partner who is about to retire. She has to prove herself, and it seems as if everyone is either jealous of her quick rise through the ranks or they’re out to kill her as she’s surrounded by suspects in the form of her fellow officers.

When I came to the point in the book where everything changed, I almost cried. But I didn’t have time—Eve fitted the pieces together, and I could have too, but I didn’t. Goldberg had played fair, I had all the clues, but they were so carefully, skillfully planted, it’s no wonder he’s considered a master mystery author.

I recommend this book, but you may want to pick up Eve Ronin Book 1, first, to get the background of why all the other officers are so jealous of her.


Thanks to Thomas & Mercer, #NetGalley, and the author of #BoneCanyon for the ARC in exchange for my honest feedback, this is it!