“A Perfect Memory: A short horror story” REVIEWS!

Here’s what a few listeners are saying about the new audible book “A Perfect Memory” by Dona Fox, narrated by Susan Marlowe – also available as an eBook on Amazon. [Links at the bottom of this page.] 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Perfect recipe for horror Mix together an underfunded psychiatric hospital, a secret government project, and a hulking,… Read More

Update – Kiss of Quicksilver!

UPDATE on Kiss of Quicksilver! – I’ve chosen a narrator! If you’ve read the story and formed a picture of the point of view character in your mind – trust me – your mind is probably going to flip. Mine did when I listened to this narrator’s audition, then I said wow. We have a… Read More


Latashia Figueroa invites you, “Come. Explore The Dark With Me.” Take the first step into the dark, right here: https://latashiafigueroa-author.com/ Source: Books

Fresh Fear edited by William Cook

Fresh Fear, the smell of quick and sudden sweat inspired by the passion of the hunter, the fresh fear underlying the excitement, the smell that alerts you to incipient danger. You may struggle to break free but the pen strokes slash across the page before your eyes, creating a trap for your imagination. Which way… Read More

The Raven’s Daughter by Peggy A. Wheeler

I was thrilled to discover this book, this book that, like its main character, defies you to limit it with one label. It is a great thriller, yet it is also magical, fantastical, paranormal, mysterious, suspenseful, and poetic, with all the elements that I look for in a book and so much more. The Raven’s… Read More

Journey Back in Time

This was my first blog post – I put it on Goodreads back in November 2013 – but I seem to have followers here, so I’ll catch you up with this and just one more: My First Ever Blog Post, Be Kind… Oh, my, here I go, jumping in head first. I’m going to put… Read More