FIVE BREATHLESS STARS! Thomas & Mercer has done it again—they really know how to line up the best in Mystery & Thrillers! In #AStrangerAtTheDoor Jason Pinter gave me real chills as he made me question what did this one horrific murder have to do with the stranger who beguiled teenagers then lured them to sneak out and gather in a field in the middle of the night? It’s frightening to realize that when your teenager shuts their door, you’re no longer in control. That should scare you to death, and in this book, it comes close for Rachel Marin. 

In this second installment of the Rachel Marin Thriller Series by Jason Pinter, this strong and independent woman steps up to save her child, and others, from a Dickensian cast of villains and unravel a mysterious scheme. The chills mount as the human sharks close in on Rachel’s son—and even more so as the gruesome murder is described—Poe would have been proud of the method used.

I loved how the mysteries piled up in this story, especially why were these boys being recruited and what captivated them so that they were willing to commit such extreme acts of violence? That really kept me guessing. What was in the envelopes they were delivering to so many houses? The story is detailed yet fast-paced. The realization that villains like the ones described are out there is made vivid and chilling in its possibilities. Pinter’s story goes where our minds seldom dare to wander.

Just when it appears as if evil has won, Rachel Marin, wounded, bloody, possibly dying, rises up one last time, using all her exceptional martial arts skills, but does she have enough strength left? She doesn’t. No, it appears she really doesn’t this time…


Thanks to Thomas & Mercer, #NetGalley, and especially Jason Pinter, author of #AStrangerAtTheDoor for the ARC in exchange for my honest feedback, this is it!