FIVE STARS. Huge thanks to #NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read my first Rachel Caine book, which turned out to be the 5th book in the Stillhouse Lake Series, #HeartbreakBay. Wow. I jumped into the middle of a firestorm here. Just because I’m probably finding out a lot of spoilers for things that happened in the four previous books doesn’t mean you can tear this book out of my hands or that I don’t want to go back and see precisely how these events unfolded because I do! After I finish this book! — Done now. Whew. The story fed out like a snake shedding its skin, leaving me transfixed by the shiny new colors revealed as it swished its deadly tail. And that’s no exaggeration. Heartbreak Bay is so skillfully written it deserves at least a second reading – it’s a brilliant psychological study, both of deviant behavior and the behavior of ordinary people in conditions of extreme stress. HeartbreakBay could be used as a textbook on how to write a perfect thriller–how to find the pulse of horrific villains, how to break your readers’ hearts then give them hope again, and so much more. I’m headed to the bookstore for more books by Rachel Caine. Thanks again for this opportunity, #NetGalley.