Four young men committed an offense against a herd of elk and contrary to their tribe. Ten years later, they’ve scattered, as if they can hide from their demons by putting distance between themselves. But curses don’t work that way; they can’t avoid a face-off with their past and woe to anyone standing in the way–like someone’s daughter?

Stephen Graham Jones writes scenes so vivid and full of meaning they rebound on me, returning at odd moments. And I consider why. Am I meant to look for deeper meaning? Is there a lesson for me in that scene? Yes. Of course, there is. SGJ does nothing by accident.

Some find SGJ’s writing style “different.” They may complain the story has moments of slow pacing. Those moments signal watch out—brace yourself—as I said, he does nothing by accident. There is something angry coming for revenge—on the way to kill every last one of them. And then the twist.

I found The Only Good Indians refreshing, terrifying, thought-provoking, and packed with images that I may recall as I die.

Thanks to Gallery/Saga Press, Pocket Books, #NetGalley, and the author of #TheOnlyGoodIndians for the ARC in exchange for my honest feedback, this is it!