The short horror story Pearly’s Smokin’ Cotton Candy Heart is about a boy named Pearly. On his first visit to the circus Pearly finds out that the midway can be all fun and games or it can quickly become a dangerous place.

The day starts out glorious and golden. Pearly is mesmerized by the clowns, the symbols on their costumes, and their painted faces. He’s so enchanted by the cotton candy he makes a vow to save his forever.

Then the afternoon turns bleak. Unfortunately, his dad can’t throw the ball through the hoop and win the kitten his little sister wants.

But then a clown pulls Pearly off the midway into an alley and makes a deal. He’ll ensure that Pearly’s dad wins a kitten if Pearly will come back when he’s older. Then the deal is sealed with a bite on Pearly’s wrist. Or is that simply a cotton candy stain? It seems that for some reason Pearly’s not sure.

After that his dad wins the kitten, but there’s still that price to come. Everyone knows there’s always a price for magic. Will Pearly become a clown? Will he slip into his real skin? Could it possibly be that simple?

And then everything Pearly believed to be forever goes sideways. After that, the joy drains from his life leaving him looking for a place to belong.

This short horror story gets really dark and just like the back-side of the circus, this is a very dangerous book.

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