Dare I broach two such seemingly random subjects in one short post, the one spiritual, the other fussy and administrative? Yes, I am that fool.

First, allow me to touch briefly on karma as her give and re-give aspects have been on my mind lately. A rule I learned long ago if there be any rules at all (besides don’t expect anything back) is your return, if any, will most probably in fact most assuredly not come from the one you aided. (Who will most likely begin to show you some sort of animosity whether your deed was done anonymously or not.) Your boon, as I said, if any, will pop up when you least expect it, from a surprising source and if you still remember your original deed and are observant and thoughtful you may be lucky enough to feel the click when it all falls together because there is usually some sort of relationship or almost humorous evidence of the connection.

As far as commas are concerned I feel the rules are much harder to grasp. Mine seems to pop up where they shouldn’t be and never appear when most needed. So it’s this strange proclivity for popping up where you least expect them rather than where you feel they should be that commas share with karma. If you don’t follow that then you understand perfectly.

Forgive the stream of consciousness post. I’m sorry if you expected to learn the rules for using commas. There are online sources, books, and teachers. You can also find some great editors. (Richard Thomas comes to mind as the greatest.) Most of them will agree on most of the rules, but not all of them will agree on all of the rules. Thank you for reading!

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