I’m proud to be published as one of the singles by Dark Chapter Press in their A-Z Series. The blurb for my short, Kiss of Quicksilver, reads: “The city, a sprawling concrete jungle where crime is rife, and evil dwells in the darkest of its shadows. Strangers exist side by side, living in silence, oblivious to the primitive nature of the streets that sit just inches from their front door. And on these streets live the homeless, people with nothing to their name, and no one to turn to. People with no hope, no abode, and no redeeming future. People with no defence against the violent crime that is heading their way…”

The A-G stories were written by the Dark Chapter Press stars, Alice J. Black, Shaun Hupp, Matt Hickman, Andrew Lennon, David Owain Hughes, Erin R. Britt, Michael Bray, and Justin Hunter along with Gary Pearson, a name you’ll be hearing a lot more from.  And, then there’s the story I was especially looking forward to–one from Jack Rollins, himself!

I can’t wait to see what L through Z will bring–I’m sure Z will be a zinger!