I just finished Car Nex: Skin Job. Michael Thomas-Knight has mad writing skills and he breaks out all of them in this Car Nex tale. The tension builds and explodes in a wild crescendo in the “hero” vs. monster scene. Yes, I said hero. Looking back, how did the author make me call this man a hero? A man who, by his own admission, committed all of the seven deadly sins—one while I watched (notice, I said, “watched”)? How did this tale draw me into the bittersweet love story so deeply it hurt?

Thomas-Knight is obviously no stranger to monsters. Scrunch down in your seat for fabulous monsters and monster attacks! I loved the movie worthy cinematic writing. Again, I remember seeing these scenes rather than reading them, the images Skin Job left in my mind are so vivid.

I found beautifully written passages in Skin Job. I marked several sections they were so darkly stunning. One of my favorites was a passage describing the last ragged edge of the descent from living a normal life to having nothing, the brief period when you’re pretending you haven’t lost it all. Another favorite was the end. I read the ending repeatedly, from the simple description of an alley to the last word. I know these passages left an image on my soul.

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