This was my first blog post – I put it on Goodreads back in November 2013 – but I seem to have followers here, so I’ll catch you up with this and just one more:
Oh, my, here I go, jumping in head first. I’m going to put in a lot of links. Probably a bad idea. I hope they work or I’m going to be very embarrassed for a very long time, right. For my very first ever blog post I’m going to point out what I think are some interesting items, to me at least, and just hint at something so crazy that I can’t even say it but I know you can figure it out, if you want. Anyway, I’m amazed to find that I made a small ripple in space and time thanks to the various people who made the effort to document a few of my publications from the early 1990’s on various sites on the Internet. There is even a foreign language site which I can’t locate at the moment, but I can tell it is about me and I love it.  

1) The Internet Speculative Fiction Database is an entry on Wikipedia, from that link, you can search for my name. That puts me one degree, as they say, from being on Wikipedia. Or, you can go directly to me (entry 1003) at this link:  
Let me clear this up right now – there are not two n’s in my first name no matter what anybody tells you but it is pronounced as if there are two n’s (so when you meet me you don’t need to get all fancy with the pronunciation, unless you want to be funny, I don’t mind).

2) You can also find me using the search engine on Locus Magazine’s impressive first page: but it’s much easier to go directly to this Stories, Listed by Author “Fo” page and scroll down to my name:

I hope to have the time someday to complete and update these links. In my dream future that will magically happen the same way the current kernels of information appeared. Thanks for reading. Dona