Are you missing out?

Fill your trick or treat bag with these creepy short reads (or audios) – have you collected all six? __ Crawl Space  eBook   audible __ Shypoke  eBook  audible __ Kiss of Quicksilver  eBook  audible __ The Girl With Atypical Eyes  eBook  audible __ Blue Lights, Bitter Roots  eBook  audible __ All the Children on… Read More

What Objects Might Conspire

What Objects Might Conspire A Halloween Story Dona Fox  “Stay home tonight, I’ve made a cake.” “It’s Halloween, Jane, not Stacy’s birthday.” Harry grabbed my wrist and pulled my fingers from his arm. “It’s never going to be her birthday again.” My nails left bloody crescents in his skin. The cuff of his pristine office… Read More