Jenny was born on October 31st. She’s never gone trick-or-treating or celebrated her birthday beyond an initial taste of frosting that always puts her into a deep, drugged slumber – a sleep that protects her from family secrets and the horrible reality that dark holiday could reveal. What will happen when she finds her father’s journal and determines to stay awake on Halloween? Will she survive when the dreadful truth comes out?

Here’s what people are saying about All the Children on the Porch:

“Creepy creepy creepy creepy!!!!!
Thank god I decided to start this book on the way to work and not when I was driving home at Midnight! There is no way I could have listened to this in the dark alone.
Since I love to be scared I love this book. The suspense creeps up on you little by little building and building.
Even though it is a short story only about an hour long I felt like I lived the six year span of the book.
Narration was spot on point. Story was creepily excellent. If you love a good spooky Halloween story this one is for you”

“A read that will sneak up on you
The writing style is the first thing that catches you on this. It’s unsettling. You feel like looking behind you to make sure someone isn’t there. Combined that with the mysterious story of a girl who thinks each year her dad drugs her birthday cake and, well, it because very disquieting. The fact it takes place on Halloween only adds to the haunting feel.

First class story all of the way. Loved the narrator as well. She helped really sell that skin-tingling feel.”

This story definitely has some twists.”

I made the mistake of listening to this book.
I don’t like to be scared and don’t like creep books.
THIS is both. It is very well written, and, although only a short book (audio is only about an hour), I almost had to stop listening. Totally creeped me out.
The narrator was perfect for this story and definitely does it justice.”

“Love creepy!!!
This story is a bit on the creepy side, but I love creepy! I enjoyed this short horror story.
This is my first book by Dona Fox and I really liked it. Will def be getting more books/stories by her.”

“Creepy and not what you think…
I love short horror stories because they always have so much going on in such a short span. This story was no different. I started the story so mad at the family for what they were doing, but after all was explained, and the story progressed, I started feeling like the family was in the right! It makes me wonder about the secrets my own neighbors are hiding! Fun story.”

“Horror in the mundane
Dona Fox is a master of finding horror in the mundane and ordinary. Told from the perspective of a young girl who finds her father’s diary, belief is supplanted with horrible reality. And as with many of her stories, there is no need for the supernatural when reality is terrible.”

“Warning: Do not read with the lights off!
Dona pulls yet another terrifying story out of the bag… thoroughly enjoyed it and only struggle to give it 5 stars due to it being so short.
Very well narrated by Sarah, who portrays the characters superbly well and fits the story perfectly. ”

“A Twisted Horror
This tale is told by our young innocent narrator Jenny who we find out lives only with her Father.
Jenny was born on October 31st, Halloween but as she has got older she realises she has never got to go trick or treating like all the other children. In fact she always gets a birthday cake but all she can ever remember is tasting it and nothing else of the night and her Father shrugs off all questions. As she stumbles upon her Fathers diary she horrifyingly realises the truth and why she has been protected from been a child on the porch trick or treating around neighbours houses. Suddenly the notorious scary neighbours horrific scam is revealed and the reason her Mother was jailed disturbingly comes to light.
I really enjoyed this short story and would have loved it to have been a longer book. The story pulled me right in and the twist finished it perfectly. I will certainly be looking to listen to more of Dona’s work.”

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