A Kiss from Dark Chapter Press & me…

I’m proud to be published as one of the singles by Dark Chapter Press in their A-Z Series. The blurb for my short, Kiss of Quicksilver, reads: “The city, a sprawling concrete jungle where crime is rife, and evil dwells in the darkest of its shadows. Strangers exist side by side, living in silence, oblivious… Read More

What Objects Might Conspire

What Objects Might Conspire A Halloween Story Dona Fox  “Stay home tonight, I’ve made a cake.” “It’s Halloween, Jane, not Stacy’s birthday.” Harry grabbed my wrist and pulled my fingers from his arm. “It’s never going to be her birthday again.” My nails left bloody crescents in his skin. The cuff of his pristine office… Read More


Latashia Figueroa invites you, “Come. Explore The Dark With Me.” Take the first step into the dark, right here: https://latashiafigueroa-author.com/ Source: Books

Fresh Fear edited by William Cook

Fresh Fear, the smell of quick and sudden sweat inspired by the passion of the hunter, the fresh fear underlying the excitement, the smell that alerts you to incipient danger. You may struggle to break free but the pen strokes slash across the page before your eyes, creating a trap for your imagination. Which way… Read More