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Here’s the link to purchase the Audible version of Crawl Space: Purchase Crawl Space

Short Reads On Kindle – Shypoke proved very popular on Kindle so I hopped on in with both feet —  Kiss of Quicksilver, Crawl Space, and now The Girl with Atypical Eyes have all been released in eBook. The Girl with Atypical Eyes has never been published before and, frankly, it’s just a little racy.

Quick Listens on Audible – Shypoke was even more popular on Audible so I stayed in that arena too. I found Caroline Downs in North Carolina and I fell in love with her voice. She narrated Crawl Space–and she made it even spookier than it was–now we’re just waiting for Audible to punch our go-card.

Freddy Moyano took a break from his acting career to narrate, or should I say perform, Kiss of Quicksilver and the Audible release should be next week (I’m just guessing/hoping). If Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” rocked you (especially Vincent Price’s segment), you’re going to love Freddy’s interpretation of Kiss of Quicksilver. I was blown away. I smile every time I think about it.

And last, but not least, the search for a narrator for The Girl with Atypical Eyes has begun! This one is just a teensy bit longer.

Well, and last, last, and last … I’m trying to finish two stories I drafted last week and the fantastic book by Kevin Candela, Little Women with Big Guns – not at all what it sounds like from the title. You see the Little Women part is because the main characters are kind of named after the Little Women from the book of the same title (not meant to demean, they are strong, independent women) and they have to have big guns (actual guns) to fight the “visitors” who are coming in through the portal inadvertently opened by the Blue Gate Corporation–and Kevin Candela is a genius (I’m following in both the eBook and the Audible) and the book is adventurous and entertaining and long and when I finish it I will write a review but I’m not going to rush through just to get to the review, I’m savoring it, thank you.

Update – Kiss of Quicksilver!

UPDATE on Kiss of Quicksilver! – I’ve chosen a narrator! If you’ve read the story and formed a picture of the point of view character in your mind – trust me – your mind is probably going to flip. Mine did when I listened to this narrator’s audition, then I said wow. We have a contract but I’m waiting to hear what they call the “first fifteen minutes” which is a larger sample that I listen to then agree that, yes, we can do this! That’s due July 20th. I’m so excited!


KISS OF QUICKSILVER: a short horror story – is being re-released with a new cover, check it out! KISS OF QUICKSILVER is up for pre-order and available again on July 8th – and now an audio is also in the works. I’ll keep you informed. Take a look at the new cover, design by Kevin Candela.

Evil rules the mean streets in many guises, waiting in the shadows along the crumbled edges of the mega-cities, where murder is the only crime that leaves a trace for lesser violent acts are simply not reported. Children, the elderly, the slightly and severely damaged make up the homeless. The weak and the helpless are deemed beyond salvation and beneath contempt by all but the strongest and the cruelest who see them as a source of sustenance.

Update – Crawl Space – New Release!

Update – Crawl Space came out July 13th in ebook and the audiobook has been submitted to audible for approval which, I understand, can take a couple of weeks or so. I fell in love with this narrator’s voice the moment I heard the first words of the audition. When I heard the character’s voices I was delighted! I can’t wait for you to hear it and fall in love too!


CRAWL SPACE: a short horror story – is available for pre-order now. This one won’t be out until July 13th. There will be an audio that will give you nightmares – I’ll warn you when it’s on the loose. The chilling cover was designed by Mar Garcia Amorena find her online at  

Claustrophobic, disturbing, and creepy. A lost girl is kidnapped and held for years by a dangerous man. Her doll takes the brunt of his abuse in place of the girl. Then the man is killed in a bloody and brutal attack. Now she must protect her own child from the jealous, intrusive, and sometimes vicious toy. Who will survive when they enter the crawl space under the house? Quiet horror that punches all the buttons.


Update – Shypoke Reviews

UPDATE – Shypoke Audible Audiobook Dona Fox (Author), Jack de Golia (Narrator)

UPDATE: With twelve ratings on Shypoke is holding strong at 4.5 — here’s some snippets from the reviews: 

Spooky Great creepy quick listen. That thing under the bridge will haunt my nightmares For sometime

Excellent, vivid , creepy, surprising. The narrator’s voice was a perfect fit for the uncle. Excellent writing, excellent narration.

A Hauntingly Creepy Story
Right from the first few minutes, there is something very creepy and haunting about this story. And the writing was beautiful in a sometimes ghastly way. … The narrator was also great. He helped add to an already disturbing story. Nice voice range, dripping in character.

Eerie, macabre and entertaining! Dona Fox delivers all the scary elements necessary for an engaging horror short story, then found a talent in Jack de Golia worthy to perform it. Kudos!

Scary!! The narrator does a brilliant job with both characters and could easily listen to more from him! What a good short story; it’s verging on terrifying ….

Deliciously Dark …. Slowly the horror of recent events unfolds tingling the listeners nerves. Beautifully narrated by Jack de Golia.

To purchase your audible copy of this short horror story, click here: Shypoke audible

If you’d rather read it yourself, click here: Shypoke Kindle

Add your comments on the audible page, or you’re welcome to come back here. Thank you!


Frank’s back on the bridge, dodging sprawling vines as thick as his secrets, crushing the dark fruit beneath his soles as he flees. He must catch the train. Her voice traps him. The child he cannot ignore. “I watched you, Uncle Frank. I saw what you did.” He can hear the train’s whistle. She clings to him, holding him tight as the horror approaches….


 5 out of 5 stars Like a macabre Groundhog Day” this tale from Dona Fox …

June 15, 2018 – Format: Kindle Edition

Like a macabre “Groundhog Day” this tale from Dona Fox starts out, as do most of her stories, in a relatively normal setting.. In fact, you forget that this is a horror story. But at a certain point, each sentence starts to pull you further into the tale,, word by word, until you realize that there is something really wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it. And then, there you are. You never saw it coming. From the normal to the supernatural, Dona Fox always delivers.


Shypoke audible


Reviews for Kiss of Quicksilver!

Hi, there, I just wanted to bring the reviews for KISS OF QUICKSILVER, into one place [here] if you’re trying to decide if you want to give the short read a chance:

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Quick But Great Read
Trust Dona Fox to take a slice of real life ( here homelessness) and in a space of a few pages turn it into a journey of bone chilling suspense. Not a word wasted…each phrase does double duty painting a complete portrait … beginning backstory middle and end. I don’t know how she does it time after time…but it is as constant as the blood moon rising. Highly recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Sad State Of Affairs
Dona Fox really does do a great job of putting you right alongside the characters on the street and what they have to deal with. This was a really great tale of someone just trying to help her and her loved ones survive. A great story and sad for those who just couldn’t pull through.

4.0 out of 5 stars
A recipe for an eternal happy death.
Dona Fox puts us in the tattered streets scurrying for food. When a jar of mercury is found with the hopes for riches becomes more… little to thicken the rat stew. If your hungry for a little short tale of horror then the stew is ready

5.0 out of 5 stars
Another 5-star story from D. Fox
I have followed Mrs. Fox’s career for years now. She is an amazing author who never fails to deliver. I haven’t been disappointed to date. And I’m still not. A story of survival, and sacrifice, Fox weaves a tale that is as intricate as it is gripping from start to finish. This is a must read for any fan of horror or dark fiction, or Fox.

Thanks to these fabulous readers for the great reviews! Here’s a link to my page where you can grab a copy if you have half an hour, more or less, depending on your reading speed: Kiss of Quicksilver eBook



Here’s some of my special favorites, nestled together, a little golden box of four rich dark truffles, my suggestions for your immediate consumption, and, just like in the candy store, I’ve included an extra delicacy at the end, a fifth morsel with a peculiar filling which I’ve attempted to describe but really, in the case of the esteemed author Crow, you must experience him yourself … if you dare.   [I’ll tell you right now so you don’t get frustrated with me, I can’t seem to put links to the books in here. Promise to work on it.]

James Reborn by Terry DelCampo is truly frightening.

This book will shake you to your core. Terri DelCampo is a fabulous writer with a diabolical mind. In James Reborn each new revelation, each unveiling of another, darker level to which the human species is capable of sinking, brought a fresh shock of wonder at the genius behind the relentless evil unfolding on the page. So painful, so physically emotive; I had to set the book aside to breathe. Visceral and truly frightening, though I had to pause for sanity’s sake, I could not stop until the end. If you want a well-written book that will shake you to your core, this is it.

The Meaning of Hell by T.S. Woolard is riveting!

This is it, the escape, the door. The evil in The Meaning of Hell will stun you, transport you out of here …. Step into the terror, touch the blood… clear your mind. Woolard’s horror is that engrossing; he provides a clean escape. Take the door he offers to you, I’m glad I did

Blood Kiss by J Daniel Stone is a must read!

If paper could bleed, Stone would bring it. Blood Kiss will … become a scar upon your mind, to paraphrase the author. This tale will toss you onto the frigid streets of New York with the certain knowledge that you are young, destined to live forever, and that you can own the night, with the right friends and the right connections.

The author states it well, though he did not mean to be speaking of himself, “He writes the dark prose of the future.” Blood Kiss easily crosses the border from gritty reality to the surreal and back. I confess, washed in waves of prose so perfect I read half the book aloud, I not only lost track of what was real, I no longer cared whether or not paintings can float in the air or if they move and stare or if you should fear a work of art. I no longer cared if there could be a scream so loud it killed a rat and exploded insects into ash or if words could become smoke. As Blood Kiss ended, I held my breath, bit my lip, and appropriately, a drop of blood fell on the page. Don’t miss this one

Makami by Alex S. Johnson is an amazing, magical, beautifully written, dark fairy tale.

The two manga in this volume provide our first glimpses into the fantastic world of Makami and are sure to capture and delight a passionate fan base. An American student researching Japanese folk tales and mythology in relation to horror cinema arrives in Tokyo only to find a mysterious CD waiting on her pillow inscribed with a single word “Makami”. . . and so begins her fascinating journey of twists and turns against swords and blades amongst evil trickster spirits, doubles and demons, bloated cadavers, ghosts and shapeshifting vampires. I was especially on the edge of my chair when she met up with Kagemusha—the dark, demon lord, for fear that he would prove to be more than she could overcome if she could not find her place in this modern myth.

And the extra treat: Grim Rhymes & Scary Tales by the awesome Sebastian Crow.

Grim Rhymes and Scary Tales seized my heart at the beginning, then delighted, entertained, shocked, and horrified me to the point of physical reactions—what more could I ask? Sebastian pulled me in with a warm whisper and told me delightful secrets. I leaned back in comfort as I chuckled at the antics of his well-drawn characters, their brilliant dialog, and the clever twists in the stories–then he horrified me. Shivers of terrified delight rippled across my skin. That was the feeling I was searching for, wasn’t it? Sebastian Crow moved me. Dry tendrils of fear crept up and closed my throat. Sebastian never flinches from describing the monsters, or from turning up the heat.

I read the opening poem aloud several times. It absolutely must be read aloud so that Ferlinghetti can hear you for he will nod and smile. The opening story, Coffin Sam, is about a bone man (he collects human bones) and it’s a classic doozy of a story perfect for a dark night around the campfire.

Here are some of my other favorites: The poems, especially Gentleman Jack and Sideshow, are silver slivers of horror that will slide into your mind. Morrighan of the Stars is beautiful and sad. The Servant of God, another short story, is vivid and chilling, a glimpse into the twisted mind of a serial killer. Company Men is a brilliant science fiction horror story set in a dystopian future overrun with a plague. At every turn, you must offer up your arm for a blood draw. A positive test results in … well, you must read it. It’s very Huxley. The Room at the Top of the Stairs – I immediately fell into this story of a haunted house, twisted love, and revenge. Sebastian turned up the heat for this one—this story has the hottest scene in the book. The poem Justine was a lush follow-up to the story. The Way Station – Talk about a scary clown! This one kept me on the edge of my seat.

Leading into the Lovecraftian tales, all of which I loved, is the poem, The Magician, a richly woven tapestry of words. The first tale, The Worm of Mysteries, is about a magician who comes into possession of a mind-expanding drug created by HPL himself. The second tale, The Watcher in the Dark, left me stunned. The third tale, Procession of the Dhӧle, was a wild adventure—ala Burroughs (one of my first loves) writes Lovecraft.

Finally, I must warn you — Loving the Dead is a story you cannot unread. You want to look away; you want to wash your mind. You cannot. It is ghastly. It is horror. Proceed with caution.


featured image copyright 2018 by Mar G-A

Review — Where Nightmares Come From

I WANT TO MEMORIZE THIS BOOK. I was given an ARC e-copy of Where Nightmares Come From in exchange for an honest review — I found that less than halfway through reading the e-copy, I knew I had to have a paper copy for my shelf. Though I mention some of the authors that contributed to this book, there are many more—and even beyond those named in the Table of Contents, this book unfolds like an origami for many of the authors direct you to other sources, other authors, directors, stories, films, books, even YouTube videos.
Nightmares is a treasure for writers seeking to hone their skills, meet a few editors/publishers, and discover what those publishers hope to find when they look at mammoth piles of submittals. It’s also a gem for readers or film buffs who enjoy looking behind the stories, getting to know the authors, or hearing about the journey those stories took to reach them.
William F. Nolan welcomes us to Nightmares then Clive Barker sets the mood, and with that, Nightmares is off to a stellar start. As soon as I read Joe R. Lansdale’s article, I decided to re-read it before I begin any project, for along with advice and inspiration, he made me laugh so much I feel I owe him a drink. Don’t miss Bev Vincent’s interview with Stephen King and Richard Chizmar—I felt I was involved right from the beginning of their collaborative process in writing Gwendy’s Button Box when “Steve” sent “Rich” an email—maybe you’ll get that email next time—hey, check your spam!
Have you ever wanted to tiptoe up behind a famous author and watch them work [without getting arrested]? In Analysis of the Mechanics, The Process of a Tale, you can watch Ramsey Campbell [yes!] get up at 6 am [argh], and write a short story, then follow him through subsequent drafts. Mort Castle will take you through the creation of “Altenmoor, Where the Dogs Dance” from the first idea to his final doubts after the tale was completed [yes, doubts, even though it became a highly acclaimed story that has been widely published, in many languages, for decades—feel better?]. Craig Engler tells the story of how the movie 2011 Zombie Apocalypse that he wrote with a friend became the series Z Nation.
In Storytelling Techniques, Richard Thomas not only gives a detailed writing tutorial but also managed to terrify me even as he brought up my deepest fears, the ones I might tap into for my dark tales. Well done, Mr. Thomas. In Horror is a State of Mind, Tim Waggoner had me writing wow wow wow in the margins of my notes then going back and highlighting my wow’s. When I get my paper copy, all of his pages are sure to be yellow. He gave me a new way of looking at emotional states. In Great Horror is Something Alien, Michael Bailey not only tells us with specificity what he’s reading for as an editor, he’s marvelously inspirational. [Shocking Bonus! Everything you ever wanted to know about the genesis of the movie Alien—Mr. Bailey covers it here—you will be amazed—he knows every tiny detail. He does.] Marv Wolfman looks at What Scares You! — how can you create horror for everyone even though we’re all so different.
Apparently, this is Book One in Crystal Lake’s Dream Weaver series. I’m going to be clearing a shelf for them!

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A Kiss from Dark Chapter Press & me…

I’m proud to be published as one of the singles by Dark Chapter Press in their A-Z Series. The blurb for my short, Kiss of Quicksilver, reads: “The city, a sprawling concrete jungle where crime is rife, and evil dwells in the darkest of its shadows. Strangers exist side by side, living in silence, oblivious to the primitive nature of the streets that sit just inches from their front door. And on these streets live the homeless, people with nothing to their name, and no one to turn to. People with no hope, no abode, and no redeeming future. People with no defence against the violent crime that is heading their way…”

The A-G stories were written by the Dark Chapter Press stars, Alice J. Black, Shaun Hupp, Matt Hickman, Andrew Lennon, David Owain Hughes, Erin R. Britt, Michael Bray, and Justin Hunter along with Gary Pearson, a name you’ll be hearing a lot more from.  And, then there’s the story I was especially looking forward to–one from Jack Rollins, himself!

I can’t wait to see what L through Z will bring–I’m sure Z will be a zinger!